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J. Edward Design is Lehigh Valley, PA based. J. Edward, or "Johnny" was working as a Community Outreach Director and Pianist in New Jersey in 2015, often entertaining the local community in his home. It was almost laughable to him when a friend who would become his first client came through his doorway for the first time and said, "I want my house to look like this. Tomorrow."

This was someone who would become one of many to support Johnny in his dream of designing. Given room to be collaborative and creative, Johnny quickly realized there was more to design than an eye for where a chair should go or that there was more depth to design than a corporate home goods store, albeit a heavenly place to spend time in. Design was personal, and Johnny began to send the dream into the universe. Now, during a global pandemic, creating spaces that people don't want to leave has become all the more important.

He's up to the challenge.

Let's design together, let's get lost in design.

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